Brunch Time

Brunch! This is my best moment in the day. I Really really love it! I could eat brunch all day.

The last weekend my husband and I discover a restaurant called Maryam’s Cafe. This place is very pretty. It is located in the Heights at Houston Texas and is surrounded by cute and vintage spots.


Maryam’s Cafe has the breakfast plate which includes delicious waffles, eggs, bacon, strawberry and bananas. Also I ordered an Italian Strawberry Soda with a big cram top, just fantastic!

A great thing in this cafe is that all food is organic and also they have vegetarians options, without mention their menu for doggies! Which is awesome if you have pets!

But the best of the best in Maryam’s Cafe is its ambient whit international music, including french, Italian and classic American songs. The brunch can be enjoyed at its best

This cafe stole my heart and my taste!

Processed with Rookie Cam

The second and third plate is all that includes “breakfast plate”


Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam


I forgot to tell you that Maryam’s Cafe has the most comfortable vintage couches, and excellent and friendly staff!


Processed with Rookie Cam



Processed with Rookie Cam


Processed with Rookie Cam



Well,  I have to say goodbye, but remember….

“Enjoy this moment, because this moment is your life”


Jenny Patlan*


One thought on “Brunch Time

  1. Mi tipo de lugar definitivo! Eso del brunch es como la mejor comida del día! 😀


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