Jenny’s Travel

We all have different ways of being happy, and traveling is one of those things where fullness embraces my soul.

I love to travel because it makes me feel alive. I sense excitement knowing that there´s an entire World ready to be explored, ready to be learned. I believe every trip can open your mind and perspective.

When I was 20 years old, I barely knew two States: Coahuila (Mexico) and Durango (Mexico). The first state is my birthplace and the second was a family trip that I hardly remember.

Afterwards, I started college in the State of Aguascalientes (Mexico), 13 hours from home and located at the center of the country. It was just then when I started to take off my wings.

Six years later, I knew 19 States between Mexico and USA, and countless cities within them. This may not be much, but these numbers can tell I have not wasted my last 6 years, and I am sure, the years to come, will be just as perfect.


27 añosj

The truth is that I love my life and those in it.

In conclusion I would like to say:                                                                                                                     “it´s never too late to discover how wonderful this World is”.


la foto (17) copia

IMG_2810 copia



“The world is an open book, those who not travel have been Reading only the first page”.(Anonymous)


Jenny Patlan*


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